Ethica Film, a Suisse Vague label, produces content with a high ethical value which, using the language of fiction and television narration, aims to thrill the general public in important issues that are hardly the subject of traditional entertainment.

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Tv series freely based on the book “Una bambina senza testa” (A headless baby girl)
Written by neuroscientists Antonella Chada Santuccione and Maria Teresa Ferretti

Synopsis: The story of the life of a young doctor who tries to diagnose and treat the most complex issue that still exist in medicine today: the diseases of the brain and mind, while she prepares herself to welcome the fruit of a great love.

An exciting dialogue among the protagonist and her colleagues and researchers, with whom she manages to combine theory, clinical experience and real life.

Stories of women and men who have seen their lives turned upside down by the disease, are entangled with the story of a young doctor engaged in the painful, but tireless, effort to diagnose the mystery hidden in sick brains to find a possible cure.


Language: English

STAGE: Project Development

Production:        ETHICA FILM