Tv series freely based on the book “Confessions of a very talented lunatic” (“Confessioni di un pazzo di raro talento“)

by Alfredo Tocchi


In less than two years, the lawyer, a former partner of one of the most important Italian law firms, lost his health (a devastating stroke hit him after being blackmailed by an official of the Revenue Agency), work ( he resigned after sensing that the partners in his studio no longer considered him up to par due to the after-effects of the ischemia), family (he just broke up from his beautiful wife, former dancer and daughter of a Forza Italia member of the parliament from Palermo who always hated him), money (he left everything to his wife and daughter with a gesture of desperate grandeur) and the will to live.

He lives in an empty apartment that a client lent him, he sleeps on an Ikea mattress, without blankets or sheets. However he still has all his wardrobe of designer clothes and designer accessories , and he has deposited his prestigious collection of watches in the bank. On his wrist he has his Patek Philippe Ref. 3998 in white gold.


STAGE: Project Development

Production:        SUISSE VAGUE