Suisse Vague secured the rights to develop the autobiographical book A headless baby girl by neuroscientists Antonella Santuccione Chada and Maria Teresa Ferretti into a television series.

Set at the Burghoelzi psychiatric hospital in Zurich, the 10-episode series explores mental and brain disease and considers the differences in how these diseases affect men and women. The series tells the personal story of Antonella, a scientist, doctor, and researcher at a hospital, whose conversations with her colleagues attempt to uncover and deepen the understanding behind disease of the brain and mind. While becoming entangled in the stories of women and men who have seen their lives turned upside down by the disease, she also tries to welcome a great love into her life.

Based in Switzerland, Suisse Vague inaugurates its new label, Ethica Film, with this new series. Ethica Film aims to create content to engage the general public in important issues that not often the subject of traditional entertainment.

Suisse Vague Picks Up Rights To ‘A Headless Baby Girl’